Love is the Law
21 Universal Laws to Activate Your Inner Genius & Uplift Humanity. You'll learn how to: 
  • Heal a broken heart and fall in love with yourself
  • Change a limiting money mindset and attract abundance
  • Discover your purpose and start a purpose driven business
  • Meditate and tap into your higher self
  • Create a healthy relationship with your body & embrace your beauty
  • Activate your inner genius & step into your power
About Love is the Law 
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It took me 16 years to understand that in order to find true love, happiness, peace and abundance, I needed to go within. During those years, I experienced several painful breakups and went from one relationship to another, only to realize that the most important love is self-love. The most painful break-up was the beginning of my life-long love story.

I moved from Slovakia to the USA with only 700 USD and without speaking a word of English. I put myself through law school and became a licensed attorney in New York. Nobody would hire me, so I started my own company and hired myself.

I then decided to challenge myself further and travel the world solo. I spent 30 days in complete silence, in meditation retreats throughout Bali, Nepal, and Hawaii. During this period, I faced my deepest fears and came to discover that they were only illusions. The truth is, many of our fears are not real, they are just our ego trying to protect us. What is real is love, and that is our “higher self”. The Universe is governed by the ultimate Law that is Love, and when we all collectively raise our consciousness, we will be able to create a new world.
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What others say... 
Love is the Law is a spiritual guide for anyone who is ready to let go of the struggles, pains and fears and active the inner genius in order to uplift humanity.
Whether you are trying to find a true love, a purpose in life, figure out how to quit your job and become an entrepreneur, scale your existing business to the next level, or turn your current life around and experience a quantum leap, Love is the Law has the answers for you. Stop looking for the love, happiness and abundance outside. Instead, go within and apply 21 universal laws that
will change your life forever.
Love is the Law is a book for humanity!
Marieta’s 21 universal laws impacted me in a profound and personal way. I genuinely believe that if we all put these laws into practice, we would raise the collective consciousness of society and this planet would be a healthier, happier place.
I was deeply touched by her journey of self-love and discovery, and so much of her story resonated with me.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who is not only seeking a deeper connection with themselves, but also with the people and world around them. - Nicola Dunn 
In the book, LOVE IS THE LAW, the young, ambitious and beautiful Marieta Oslanec shares her transformational journey from Slovakia to the United States. Marieta teaches simple techniques on how to go within and find the Love inside, so the world reflects our beauty in the most authentic way. According to Marieta if we open our hearts and accept ourselves just the way we are, the world will accept ourselves in the same way. Because the success is not the key to happiness, but the happiness is the key to success Marieta guides us to completely open our hearts, in order to start living a vibrant and exciting life. - Ani Kapralova 
Big brands are built by the stories of their founders. Marieta is one of them. I downloaded two chapters of “Love is the Law” book and I couldn’t stop reading until I finished it. I admire Marieta´s story, which she is describing in her book and I am honored to be surrounded by inspiring people like Marieta. I truly believe that her book “Love is the Law” will open the eyes of many people and teach them how to create a happy and fulfilled life. I am looking forward reading the entire book once it’s published, because the first two chapters deeply resonated with my personal story that I have experienced. I also hope that this book will help me with my occasional procrastination that many of us suffer from. - Ondrej Bartak 
The cultivation of human happiness has long captivated human imagination. The recent emergence of the positive psychology movement within mainstream western psychology is only the latest iteration of this millennia-long search. Though we’ve been told of Plato’s assertion that “the unreflected life is not worth living,” what is less obvious is the means by which one engages in this reflection. In other words, as any positive psychologist will tell you, we are a society with few methods for cultivating “the good life.” In response to this dissatisfaction, a growing number of people have sought possible solutions in the positive psychological systems of South Asia. Asian contemplative traditions are essentially psychologies concerned with the bottom line of personal existence, subjective experience. Marieta’s book “Love is the Law” taps into this ancient practice and shows us how to transform our lives from within. - Eliza Dinale 
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